1914 SociŽteit voor Chemische Industrie Katwijk is incorporated in Katwijk, The Netherlands. Main activity: extraction of the API Theobromine from cocoa-shells. Theobromine is also chemically converted into Caffein.
1935 Fine chemicals such as Benzoin and Benzil are developed, along with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients such as Phenytoin and Phenytoin Sodium.
1973 Valproic acid is developed, later to become the basis for Katwijk Chemie's main product family.
1976 Katwijk Chemie acquires generic pharmaceutical company Samekofarma, thereby expanding its activities in pharmaceutical finished products. Proprietary products for the Dutch market are developed (e.g. Propymal and Ethymal).
1990 Katwijk Chemie acquires fine chemical company De Rover Chemie.
1992 Katwijk Chemie moves to a greenfield production site in industrial area 't Heen, Katwijk, The Netherlands.
1996 Katwijk Farma (pharmaceutical finished products) moves to a greenfield production site in the Bioscience Park, Leiden, The Netherlands.
2000 Katwijk Farma is sold to UBS and is later acquired by Apotex.
2014 Katwijk Chemie celebrates its 100th anniversary with customers, agents, and employees.
2016 Katwijk Chemie expands with a new warehouse, an automated distillation system and a large synthesis reactor.