We manufacture all our products in our multipurpose plant in industrial area 't Heen, Katwijk, The Netherlands. This greenfield plant was commissioned in 1992. It is the successor to the original plant built in 1914, located close to the center of Katwijk.

Our plant and offices are located about 35 km from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol) and about 60 and 50 km from the respective ocean ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.



Our current equipment consists of:


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 Recent plant highlights


Health & Safety

We are committed to the safety and well-being of our employees, the neighbourhood and the environment. Our processes and systems are designed with inherent safety in accordance with local, national and European regulations and our own strict standards. Considerable investment is put into safety equipment and fire protection systems.


We strive to recycle materials where possible, keeping the amounts and contaminant levels of effluents and emissions to a minimum. We are compliant with the European REACH legislation. Constant effort is put into reducing the use of energy and water.


We train employees extensively in the safety and environmental aspects of our processes and systems. We encourage our operators, analysts, technicians, supervisors and other personnel to actively help improve the safety of our processes and to reduce their environmental impact.

We foster the cohesive and social culture in our organization. We strive to offer our employees a pleasant and rewarding work environment.